Skin Aging

Your skin ages in two way
Intrinsic aging (from within) depends on your genetic make-up and the passage of time. It is inevitable and you cannot control these changes but treatment can prevent and reverse the effects.

Extrinsic skin aging is avoidable. However if you have allowed it to develop you can still take steps to reverse the appearance ands prevent further changes.

Up to 90% of facial aging is thought to be external and related to the ultra-violet radiation from sun exposure. As collagen and elastin are damaged, the skin loses vital structures that support and smooth the skin. Sun exposure also causes increased pigmentation, as the skin tries to defend itself from the harmful rays.

The loss of volume, increased pigmentation and irregular thickening of the skin surface produces the unhealthy looking skin with broken veins, wrinkling and the loose skin that we would rather not have!

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