Invisible Braces


At Belle Vue we use invisible braces, to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns including teeth which are crooked, crowded or with gaps. They are clear, removable and comfortable, so they won't interfere with your life.

We offer a free consultation to see if you are suitable for treatment by this revolutionary technique.

How does the system work?

The treatment moves teeth in carefully planned and accurate incremental steps using a series of custom-made clear positioners.

Patients wear each positioner for an average of two weeks, moving their teeth gradually week by week, millimetre by millimetre into the desired final positions.

Who does it work for?

Invisible braces can treat virtually anyone dentally fit and aged over 14.

Advantages of invisible braces

  • Predictable treatment, as invisible braces are planned in advance, we can more accurately predict when your treatment will be finished.
  • Cosmetically superior to normal braces due to their near invisibility.
  • No metal wires which can be embarrassing, cause allergies and ulcers or lead to white spots on the teeth.
  • You can remove the positioner for eating so you can eat what you want and where you want. No need for dietary restrictions.
  • You can take the positioner out for business meetings or social occasions. We only request that you wear your positioner for 22 hours a day on average.
  • There is little danger of tooth damage or gum disease as the positioner is taken out when eating, cleaning and tooth flossing and brushing.
  • Protects the biting surface of the teeth reducing enamel wear and abrasion from grinding/clenching.
What is involved?

The treatment commences with a thorough dental examination when Mrs Gardiner will examine your teeth to make sure you are dentally fit. After taking photographs, x-rays and impressions for study models she will formulate your personal treatment plan with the technicians to give you your desired smile.

A series of custom made positioners are made that will apply pressure to your teeth so that they move slowly into their final position. After two weeks each positioner will have done their job and you move on to the next in the series which will move your teeth a little further on.

Every two weeks Mrs Gardiner will review your progress and provide the next positioner in the series.

The length of the treatment will depend on how far the teeth need to move.

Finally you will be given a supply of night retainers that will maintain the teeth in their new position.

What does it cost?

Prices vary with how much needs to be done and start from as little as £1750.00.

Why choose us?
  • Free, no obligation consultation to decide if invisible braces are suitable for you.
  • We help you spread the cost with various finance options (subject to status).
  • Free tooth whitening at the end of your treatment.
  • Price includes all positioners and post-treatment retainers.
  • Regular fortnightly monitoring.
  • We specialize in Non-Surgical facial aesthetics, skin treatments and cosmetic dentistry so can provide your complete make-over

Convenient Evening and Saturday appointments.

Diastema Before
Diastema After
Mild Crowding Before
Mild Crowding After

This young girl wanted to improve her smile. We corrected the crowding of her front teeth using an Inman Aligner and Clear Braces over approximately 12 weeks. We then whitened her teeth, after which we constructed veneers on her upper two front teeth to improve their shape. Finally we made a fixed bonded retainer to keep the teeth in their new position.

Patient Review
Belle Vue Dental Practice £ Benfleet, Essex 01268 759684 Belle Vue Dental Practice

Reviews I am very pleased with the result of my treatment at Bellevue. The staff here have been very accommodating and pleasant. The whole process has been a pleasure. Reviews


This young lady did not like the crowding in her front lower teeth. We provided her with clear aligners to correct this, which took approximately 7 months. After the teeth were straightened fixed bonded retainers and Essix retainers ensured the teeth stayed in their new position. Finally we whitened the teeth.

Patient Review
Belle Vue Dental Practice £ Benfleet, Essex 01268 759684 Belle Vue Dental Practice

Reviews Really pleased with the results. The team are lovely, especially Dawn. Great experience – such a difference over only 7 months. Reviews

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