Dental Mouthguards

An incorrectly fitting mouthguard is inefficient, is hard to hold in place and interferes with proper breathing and speaking ability.

Mouthguards sold over-the-counter - so called "boil and bite" types - invariably suffer from these disadvantages and provide a false sense of protection due to the dramatic decrease in thickness when bitten into place during their softened state.

The advantages of a Playsafe Mouthguard:

Name tag and X-ray opaque strip...
Within the plastic of each mouthguard you will find the owners name and x-ray opaque strip. Thus there is no risk of confusion if several guards are lost on the field (or in the shower); and if a guard is accidentally swallowed - which is extremely rare - it can be found by x-ray.

Enhanced tooth edge protection...
A unique feature of the Mouthguard is that it has additional thickness of material surrounding the vulnerable biting edges of the top teeth providing additional protection from a sudden impact.

Prevents concussion of the brain...
The Mouthguard is supplied with indentation in its biting surface to accommodate the tips of the bottom teeth so that in the event of an impact to the lower jaw it is safely immobilized preventing reverberation of the brain.

All these are major safety points often omitted on inferior mouthguards. All our mouthguards are supplied with a protective carry case for your convenience.

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