These products alter the structure and function of the skin. They reverse sun damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat acne.

We are now stocking the advanced AlumierMD range from Canada.

At Belle Vue we do not sell cosmeceuticals directly from our website as they contain powerful ingredients and a personalized assessment by a medically qualified person should be made before using them. We are pleased to carry out these assessments without obligation and free of charge.

They should not be confused with cosmetic skin care products which simply cleanse and maintain the skin.

The Cosmeceuticals we stock contain a number of active ingredients, their functions are explained below:

Vitamin A (retinoids)
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin texture and clarity, pore size and hyperpigmentation.
  • very effective at increasing the moisture content of tissue
  • helpful in acneic skin
  • this sensitive vitamin loses power if it is manufactured, formulated or packaged incorrectly
  • when first used may cause irritation leading to redness and flakiness.

As we go about our daily lives our bodies are continuously bombarded by a variety of harmful free radical molecules. These free radicals are to blame for the majority of skin aging. A free radical is an oxygen molecule that has lost its partnering electron, most commonly by the action of UVA rays, and is now frantically searching for its lost electron. It does this by fixing on to healthy skin cells. This in turn makes the skin cell unstable and eventually affects the way the stem cells multiply and turnover. Anti-oxidants 'mop up' these free radicals.

Skin whiteners

Hydroquinine, arbutin, kojic acid, mulberry and liquorice

Tea Tree Oil

This is a very good antiseptic agent which works well for acne.


AHA - Alpha hydroxy acid. Glycolic acid is the major acid in this group. These small molecules are sourced from natural products e.g. sugar cane, apples, sour milk, grapes and rice. They can penetrate into the skin and help exfoliate and smooth the stratum corneum (the top layer of the skin). There is some evidence that they may even stimulate collagen protection.

BHA - Beta hydroxy acids are derived from the willow and birch tree e.g salicylic acid. They can penetrate the oily material blocking pores so are very beneficial for patients with acne. They are slightly milder than AHAs

PHA - Poly hydroxy acids are made up of larger molecules and are very gentle acids, making them suitable to use as exfoliants on very sensitive skin.

There are 5 reasons why we use acids at Belle Vue:

  1. Smoothes the top layer of skin without disrupting the skin's barrier function.
  2. They may boost collagen production and so reduce wrinkles.
  3. Some acids like salicylic acid are able to enter and exfoliate the pores.
  4. Some acids, e.g. lactic acid are fantastic misturisers.
  5. Acids helps fade hyperpigmentation.

We are continually searching for the best cosmeceuticals, as new ones come on the market regularly we take care to keep up-to-date with the latest advances.

All Alumier skincare requires a consultation to ensure a treatment plan is tailor made specifically for your skin. Once you have seen your skincare professional at Belle Vue Practice you will be able to purchase through the link below. You will be given a unique code to enter so you can place an order.

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