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Hair Removal

Excessive body hair can be upsetting for both sexes. There are many methods to remove unwanted hair, none are permanent but laser hair removal is the most effective treatment available.

The most common areas for hair removal treatments in women are the face, neck, bikini line, under arms, nipples, tummy line, arms and legs. We also specialize in hair removal for men. The common areas for men are the face, neck, ears, back and chest.

At Belle Vue we use the Isolaz system for hair removal, it is the only painless method presently on the market and you can say good-bye to the sensation of 'elastic bands being flicked against the skin' that is a feature of other lasers or the pain of waxing. It is also amazingly fast.

A course of hair reduction treatments will leave your skin soft and smooth, it can even be carried out on sensitive skin.

How laser hair removal works.

Hair is made of a protein called keratin which is produced by the hair bulb deep within the dermis of the skin. The hair colour depends on the presence of a pigment called melanin, this is produced by the pigment forming cells called melanocytes in the hair bulb. The type and amount of melanin you produce depends on the genes you inherited from your parents.

Hair growth occurs in cycles with an active phase (anagen) and a resting phase (telogen). During anagen the hair is connected directly to the hair-producing base of the hair follicle however during telogen the bulb moves away from the base of the follicle so that there is a gap between the two.

Light from the laser is attracted to the melanin pigment in the hair and the heat energy destroys the hair and can travel down the hair shaft to the base of the follicle. In the anagen phase the hair bulb is in contact with the hair so it will also be heated and destroyed. But in telogen the bulb is protected by a gap between it and the hair shaft.

This is why hair follicles in the active anogen phase are most sensitive to laser treatment. As only a proportion are in anogen at any one time the treatment needs to be repeated over several sessions to get a full effect, how many treatments and over what time period depends not only the area being treated but also other things such as your individual hormone balance.

The laser energy is attracted to the dark melanin so blond and grey hair may not be treatable.